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Workplace Wellness (Part One)


On average, we spend at least eight hours of our day at our jobs. Whereas other jobs such as construction have regulations which support a healthy working environment due to their physically involving nature, it must be noted that an ample office setup equally demands safety precautions.

A good number of our jobs demand us to avail ourselves in offices; whether a home office or a corporate cubicle someplace. Within this seemingly harmless office environment, there exists health hazards which if not addressed with timeliness, may cause mental or physical stress.

Now, whether you’re working from a home office, or a corporate office, here are some invaluable tips from experts at Health Media Ventures to help you better your working environment and subsequently your health and wellbeing.

Sit less

This is particularly for those who their work demands that they sit for long hours. eg computer programmers. It’s advisable that they should stand or walk around at least two hours a day to avoid health risks. Walking around or standing is not only good for their health, study actually shows that it helps on enhancing productivity and an individual’s ability to focus on the task at hand.
In fact, we have computer programs and mobile applications specifically built for this purpose; reminding you to be up on your feet and walk around. Some even suggest some exercises you can do in your workplace.

Increase Ventilation

Stuffy or a poorly aerated office can be a probable cause of occupational allergies to things such as chemicals used for cleaning the office, paint, etc. This can trigger problems such as headaches or rashes. Moreover, it can hamper brainpower subsequently inhibiting productivity.
Well, you cannot entirely change your office ventilation system. However, you can keep windows open while you work.

Use a standing desk

If your workplace is flexible enough to allow this, switching to a standing desk is a great approach of ensuring that you’re not confined to a ‘sitting’ position the whole time. But also standing for long may result to various body aches, so be creative at it. Adopt a setup that will allow you adjust your work station accordingly.

Green your walls

Interesting, huh! Yes. A study by environmental psychologist – Sally Augustin, links the presence of green or shades of green to enhanced creative thinking.
Definitely most of our jobs demand creative thinking. Be it coming up with a new artwork for the next ad campaign or adding a new software feature to improve customer experience. All these demand creativity. Inspire the moment with some green; a bright color yet with mental calming effect.
If you can’t paint, then wall paper your office with a green backdrop. Or better still decorate your desk with green elements.

Adjust your lighting

Natural light is your best bet any day. That means you might have to sit next to a window at work. Further study by Augustin shows that windowed workplaces, which means greater exposure to daylight, keep your stress level and circadian rhythm in check.
According to Augustin, if windows are not an option, consider the temperature of your office lighting. “Cooler, bluish light is generally good for analytical thinking, while warmer bulbs are better for socializing and interaction with other people.”


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