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Thorns & Roses of Entrepreneurship [Part III]

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Anyway, since the journey so far has taught you humility and resilience, you decide to cut the chase, you pick up the phone and dial her. Oops, the call goes unanswered! Did she ignore you? Before you answer this, a text comes in from her, ‘sorry I am in a meeting I will call you later’ wow! Maybe her three years in business have finally paid her off, I mean she is in a meeting may be with clients? Business meetings?’ You reply sluggishly with a, ‘okay, talk later’.

You go on with your daily business that involves pitching, reading about business and anticipating replies from your potential clients. So far, you have landed only a few gigs, not what you had hoped for in the first year but you are grateful. Your phone rings, it’s Susan she explains that she was in a business meeting with her clients, your face lights up, and you begin talking about her business, your business and how the challenges are numerous.

She implores to you that the first years are like that, she is quick to add that not all businesses are the same. She might have taken three years to take off, but you could take two or less it all depends. In your mind, you know you are running out of ideas and savings, but you have also learnt resilience and patience. You are therefore ready to take it on! Before she hangs up, she promises to introduce you to some of her contacts that might be interested in your business!

‘A light at the end of the tunnel’, you quickly thank her and off you go. You go on with your business and manage to make a few shillings here and there, as you wait for her call. Three months later, you get a call from someone who says that they were referred to you and they want to meet you and discuss business. Finally! Your patience is paying off.

Definitely not how you had hoped to spend your first two years in entrepreneurship, but you are happy that you are learning and eventually the effort is paying off. After the meeting, you land your first client they are paying considerably well, and you are happy. You, however, know that you have to keep up to their standards and still look out for more clients. It is an endless journey of lessons and breakthroughs. You will never arrive…

… To Be Continued

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