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#TheFire 2

The Fire is a series of stories revealing struggles and challenges in my personal journey through life. The ‘fires’ were my turning points, and I share this to encourage you who’s caught up in life’s fires, that it’s well and worth it

Loosing my husband in 2006 was devastating. I was shattered, broken into a million pieces. I had lost a friend, a confidant, business partner, the father of my children, and many other beautiful and countless things that he was to me.

My world paused. I lost sleep. I lost weight. I lost hope. I almost sunk into depression.

Left with a business to run, an enormous hospital bill to clear, children to fend for, loans to pay. The weight of responsibilities weighed heavily on my shoulders.

Nothing made sense, life seemed to have lost meaning. I was convinced that it was the end of the road.

But amidst all the darkness around me, it’s my children who gave me a reason to go an extra day. I had to do this for them. I had to recollect my life for the sake of theirs. Young as they were, they encouraged and prayed with me.

People left, many people left. Some employees were certain that sooner than later we were going to close shop. So they left.

Other people came, not to condole with us. No, they came to buy the business. Somehow they thought how can a widow at the brink of depression run a business?

Something remarkable happened that brought me back to myself. I’ll tell you that shortly.

Fiery Lessons;

1. “When you come at the end of your rope, tie a knot, and hang on”

2. Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. That’s okay, they don’t need to, it’s YOUR journey, not theirs.

3. Family is priceless. Treasure them. Put them top on your priority list

4. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning


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