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We can go out now! In fact, we are already meeting people for business but remember WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET. We need to take precautions; wear your mask, wash your hands, keep social distance and keep on sanitizing your hands. Another thing, we have all gotten used to video meetings…. it can be a thing now. We can schedule for video calls and network. In the instances that you need to attend a networking gathering here are a few tips just to jog your mind on how we used to do it.

Networking revolves around interacting with other people and mainly occurs during networking events, career fairs, and conferences. Therefore, to network efficiently an individual must possess acute socialization skills. In order to successfully network with prospects, the following can be done:

  1. Select carefully the events you want to attend. Based on your passions and interests, a person should select relatable events where you will meet people with the same interests as you.
  2. Prepare adequately by setting realistic goals you wish to accomplish at the end of an event. Some of the objectives may include meeting many executives, issuing business cards or suggesting ideas to potential investors.
  3. Before attending any networking event, be calm, genuine, and practice mindfulness. Tension may build up since you are meeting new people thus, minutes before entering the venue meditate and reflect on what to expect during the meeting. Genuinely compliment others for what you notice about them; this helps them feel at ease with you.
  4. Always be punctual when attending any event. You can decide to tag along a friend. Arriving early with the company of a friend helps you release tension as you are able to assess the environment. Also, in case your confidence drops, your friend can help regenerate it.
  5. Know when to end a conversation. Some may end up talking for too long out of anxiety while others may be so nervous to complete a conversation. To avoid this, clearly identify what to discuss with your prospects and end the conversation with a smile as well exchanging business cards.

Networking can be quite frustrating if a networker hasn’t prepared thoroughly thus the above measures can be implemented to prevent that.

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