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Social media as marketing tool during Covid 19

With the rise of the new technology, it is important to scale your business to an advanced level in order to reach customers quickly and in large scale. Businesses can use online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where they can post images, videos, and links of the products they offer and turn viewers into potential customers. The following factors should be considered whenever a business wants to engage in social media marketing:

  • Formation of a company website and, or an application.

A company can create a website or an application which the online customers can access whenever they want to acquire information regarding the products a company is selling. Upon posting an image or a video of the products being sold, a link to the website is also included to enable potential customers to access the company’s website.

  • Use of advertisements to market your products.

Businesses are required to utilise the online platforms to advertise their products. They can post a video on the relevant social media platforms where viewers will watch the video and those interested in the products will link with the business administrators to get more information on the products.

  • Interacting with customers online

The social media platforms give customers an opportunity to make enquiries and orders with the sales management in a certain business thus the tool is useful.

  • Using the online platforms to recruit employees.

The social media does not only help businesses interact with customers but also helps the business link with new employees who are interested in joining the business.

Therefore, during this era of Covid 19, businesses can utilise the social media platforms to link with potential customers since most people are often indoors thus they are stuck with the various online platforms.

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