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Why Should I Learn the Art of Persistence?

In our journey to success, we meet situations and obstacles that emerge and prevent us from achieving the planned goals and dreams. Persistence is therefore a useful trait when dealing with such occurrences as it strengthens and stimulates a particular individual whenever he/she is facing such troubles. In learning the art of persistence, the following are key concepts about persistence which should be understood.

  • Persistence is a skill as well as a trait. Not so many people are willing to persevere frustrations and fatigue hence they often give up easily. Persistent people are known to be successful in their endeavours as they take much of their time rectifying mistakes that are done when performing a task. Therefore, developing the trait is learning an important skill.
  • The skill is useful in various fields like in leadership and while at work. Persistent leaders offer the best results since they are not familiar with giving up. Also, performing tasks becomes easier hence there is better production of goods or services. At work, the most challenging tasks are accomplished easily since the workers don’t give up easily.
  • Learning how to become persistent requires an individual to follow the outlined procedures which include knowing what you want, identifying the key motivation behind your demands, outline strategies to enable a person to move through a certain goal, having a positive attitude towards achieving your goals, and developing a good habit or discipline to help an individual make progress.

Persistence is a key factor to success. High achievers are often persistent since whereas they take long while performing the various tasks, better results are produced.

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