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There’s a new marketing strategy in town, we dub it Edgar Obare strategy.

Mr. Obare is a Youtuber and has a huge following on Instagram. On both platforms, he has over 1.2 million followers. Going by the reviews from the business owners, about 90% who have contracted Edgar’s services say that it is growing the followers on their business pages. The followers from Edgar Obare count on him to promote legitimate businesses. He, however has a caveat, it is upon customers to do some background research before a purchase.

It is a source of revenue for Mr. Obare – Business owners pay anywhere from Kshs 2000 per story. This has seen a lot of “Influential” people join the bandwagon to support small businesses to get online traction. Let’s dissect, shall we?

According to Market Business News, a marketing strategy is an entire business’s marketing goals and objectives combined into a single comprehensive plan. Well now, is advertising on Mr. Obare’s instagram story a comprehensive marketing strategy or is it a means to an end(which is getting more customers)?

Over coffee, i struck the conversation on the topic with three MBA holders who happen to be my very successful friends. They all agreed that using Edgar Obare Instagram stories to market products and services is not a bad idea. However, it depends on the goal and type of products or service that the said business offers. My friends further explained that marketing is marketing as long as you attain the desired results.

If you are a business owner, facing the dilemma on whether to approach him or not; first start by evaluating your target audience. Edgar Obare’s Instagram is full of young people, if those are your target audience you can consider this method. Secondly, What are you selling? and lastly think about the packaging.

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