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Previously we left at communication being a  key factor to any healthy relationship. I am curious, did you open up more to your partner after reading the post?

I have heard several young ladies ask me questions about compromises in a relationship or marriage. We had deep conversations over the matter and I decided to bring it over here (of course with their consent).

When it comes to two people who have decided to commit to an exclusive relationship, I tend to think that there must be some form of compromises. These two people are not relatives but strangers who happen to share a very strong bond/connection based on love. They are brought up in different households, different backgrounds, maybe religion, culture, race and environment all together.

Every person has virtues and principles that they hold dear. No two people are the same regardless of the amount of love they feel for each other. A compromise should not be looked down upon as losing a freedom or a part of yourself but rather a mutual concession reached upon from conflicting alternatives. It should be viewed as a middle ground and both parties should be happy and content with the decision.

However, there are some elements of self that cannot be compromised. These may vary from individual to individual. The core ones include respect and support. Your partner should not violate you in whatever sense, they should respect you and support your goals. If they lack in any, it would be wise to seek help and mend the relationship or admit lack of compatibility.

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