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How to Mentor The Youth Of Today

As the world advances and many technologies crop up, it is increasingly becoming hard for people to have interpersonal conversations. This lack of communication and the increased use of the technology such as the social media and the internet has significantly reduced the number of people who have spare time to mentor the youth.

The growing youth menace such as drug abuse and crime can partly be attributed to lack of mentorship to the young people. Many mentors are willing to help the youth but they do not know how to go about it. Here are some few tips that you can apply to effectively mentor the youths of today.

1. Build a relationship of trust
Many young people are likely to be suspicious of adults especially if you are not family to them. If you want to be an effective mentor, ensure you create a relationship with them. Let them feel comfortable around you and make them aware that they can share freely with you. A great way to create this relationship is by taking part in their favorite activities such as their hobbies.

2. Poise yourself as a problem-solver

You need to convince your mentee that you can offer them the solution to the problems they might be dealing with. You might not necessarily solve the problems for them, but you should at least offer some working solutions.

3. Do not over indulge into the family

Your primary role as a mentor is to guide the young mentee. you should therefore not involve yourself too much with their family issues. It is okay to introduce yourself to the family but that is as far as it goes. In cases where they are bothered with issues arising from their families make sure you handle them carefully or refer them to a mature member of the family.

4. Listen and show empathy

You should be keen to listen to their side of the story, allow them to vent their emotions and be sure to show empathy and offer them working solutions.

Finally, it is prudent to note that you cannot be everyone’s savior neither can you solve all the problems facing your mentees. Therefore, do not overpromise them and end up under delivering. Take the mutual approach and make them understand that you are going to solve the issues together.

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