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Here are some few ways to help grow your business during this period;


Creating a website/blog for your business.

This is not a new method or channel to the internet. It has been existing for quite some years now, but the trick is to provide interesting valuable content to a targeted audience. Blogs are a very resourceful site to generate targeted traffic. To get traffic to your blog, use key words that are unique to your location. What are people constantly looking for on the internet? Use of keywords will make your business visible and populate on the search results. Another advantage to creating a website/blog is that it can generate extra revenue from advertisements.


Use of search engine optimization

To get a wide visibility on the internet, use of search engine optimization is very essential. SEO is optimizing your website and content to allow search engines to index your business as easily as possible. Examples of search engine optimization include use of keywords to target a specific audience, link building, optimizing your URLs etc. One can always outsource these services.


Review Sites

Review sites such as Yelp.com are used by people to find out about an experience with a company. Getting involved with review sites will help you provide information about your business. You will get a chance to respond to criticism, Both positive and negative. Review sites gives you a learning opportunity whereby, you take notes of what your customers want you to improve on or to discontinue.


Social Media

There are very many social media sites available for different uses. A business must be in a position to find out which one best suits, its purpose by targeting a certain kind of market. It is necessary for businesses to be on social media since it is all about visibility and reaching a large amount of people. Businesses should post relevant images, links and content as well as interact with followers to convert them into customers.


Paid Advertisements

Most people are at home right now, they have time to check their phones every so often. Take advantage and set aside a marketing budget. Use banner ads, pay per impression, boosting of social media accounts and if you have a bigger budget pay per click ads such as google AdSense.


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