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Who is an Entrepreneur?

Seasoned entrepreneurs, the world over, are considered special and unique beings. Of course it’s all because if their outstanding achievements in their respective fields of business. In fact, some are idolized – almost revered. The society has placed them high up the pedestal. We call them geniuses for their out-of-the-box-thinking …

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Building Business Resilience

The business community in Kenya will tell you that the last one year has been one of the hardest seasons in their businesses. Now, for anyone who had doubts that politics and business are conjoined twins does not need any convincing. The pre and post August 8th politicking was nothing …

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First Impressions?

First impression, last impression. Every brand and image consultant will tell you that. “You will never have a second chance to make a first impression,” they will belabor the point. I totally agree. First impressions matter a great deal. People carry with themselves what you made them see or feel …

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8 Important Customer Service Skills

In business, we take care of what is important. We value that which sustains our existence and keeps our doors open. Every entrepreneur creates and innovates for the sake of the customer or end user, depending on the context. (S)he appreciates that the customer tops the list of ‘most important …

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Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

It’s said that entrepreneurs are certified crazy people simply because they refuse to think and act ordinary. Some have also said that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. I want to agree with both statements. Entrepreneurs are dreamers, initiators and innovators. They are out of the box thinkers; men and women …

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