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Be the Listener

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and he told me an interesting story about two young men who had an opportunity to meet a global leader that had toured Kenya a few years go. Meeting this leader was their dream come true, …

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Grace* Is Shy

“Your network is your net worth.” Grace (not her real name) has heard that a million and one times. She believes the absolute truth in that statement and appreciates the fact that in order for her to advance to the next level, businesses-wise, she must expand her networks far and …

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SMART Goal Setting In Networking

One thing that sets apart a brilliant networker from the rest of the pack is that they have very clear objectives of what they want to achieve from a networking activity. They set prior goals before stepping out there for any networking engagement. Remember, the brilliant networker is always networking. …

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My BNI Success Story

1.6 Million USD worth of business given to my chapter members, and tremendous growth of my business and self, constitutes a part of my incredible BNI success story. But I’ll start by telling you my BNI story with another story. Just to build some context. Back in the year 2010 …

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Holiday Networking Tips

The holiday season is here with us again, the joyous season of merrymaking and celebrations. You bet there’re going to be parties left, right, and center – end of year party, dinner party, cocktail party, Christmas caroling party, etc. The constant in all these is of course food, fun and …

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GNI Resumes Networking Training

After months of planning and preparation, the long awaited Business Networking Training finally took place on Saturday 30th, September. We were elated! It’s safe to say that it was successful based on the feedback we gathered from our trainees and our own internal evaluation. The 4th floor of Westlands’ based …

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Pitch Better

One of the most useful skills at a networking forum is pitching. Whether you are a job seeker, a business owner or an employee seeking to expand your networks within your current company, you must find a comfortable way to introduce yourself to other professionals present in such forums. You …

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Bad To Worse?

It’s Friday, 8am. You check your diary; it says you’re supposed to be at Strathmore University for an event convened by Strathmore Business School. You quickly make your way there. You arrive late; the amphitheater is filled to capacity. You survey the room from behind, your eyes scanning row after …

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