Entrepreneur, Author, Networker, Speaker

Sarah is an expert in Business Networking, a speaker and an entrepreneur with multi industry interest.

Empty Chair

We all love to hear or read tales of greatness, stories of individuals who rose from rags to riches, of men and women who define extraordinary accomplishments in their respective domains of operation. They inspire us, challenge us, and get us going in our darkest days. We find solace in …

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Pitch Better

One of the most useful skills at a networking forum is pitching. Whether you are a job seeker, a business owner or an employee seeking to expand your networks within your current company, you must find a comfortable way to introduce yourself to other professionals present in such forums. You …

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Of Mentor and Mentee

As mentor and coach, I have been privileged to talk to a good number of young people. Young men and women experiencing life at different levels and stages; new in employment, young entrepreneurs, those caught up in the crisis of career choice, the jobless, etcetera. It’s always interesting picking their …

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Redwood Lessons

  I love nature. Occasionally on the weekends, I spare sometime for nature walks. It’s always refreshing. Equally, I love to read on matters flora and fauna. So the other day I read something so fascinating, it was about the redwood trees. These trees are unique, totally of their own …

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Bad To Worse?

It’s Friday, 8am. You check your diary; it says you’re supposed to be at Strathmore University for an event convened by Strathmore Business School. You quickly make your way there. You arrive late; the amphitheater is filled to capacity. You survey the room from behind, your eyes scanning row after …

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