Entrepreneur, Author, Networker, Speaker

Sarah is an expert in Business Networking, a speaker and an entrepreneur with multi industry interest.

How to Mentor The Youth Of Today

As the world advances and many technologies crop up, it is increasingly becoming hard for people to have interpersonal conversations. This lack of communication and the increased use of the technology such as the social media and the internet has significantly reduced the number of people who have spare time …

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Be the Listener

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and he told me an interesting story about two young men who had an opportunity to meet a global leader that had toured Kenya a few years go. Meeting this leader was their dream come true, …

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Grace* Is Shy

“Your network is your net worth.” Grace (not her real name) has heard that a million and one times. She believes the absolute truth in that statement and appreciates the fact that in order for her to advance to the next level, businesses-wise, she must expand her networks far and …

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Who is an Entrepreneur?

Seasoned entrepreneurs, the world over, are considered special and unique beings. Of course it’s all because if their outstanding achievements in their respective fields of business. In fact, some are idolized – almost revered. The society has placed them high up the pedestal. We call them geniuses for their out-of-the-box-thinking …

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