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You have opened your business, say few months close to a year now but the business is either stagnant or not growing. Your loyal customers are mostly your friends and the first people who bought from your business when you started. Some customers, you have lost and others come in every so often to check on what’s new. You wonder why it is so. Why are people not buying yet i am selling? Why is the business not attracting new customers or having at least a 90% retention of the customers.

Here are a few reasons that might explain this conundrum:

1.You are using the same methods of selling you started with several months ago.

Well, months isn’t a long time you might think but in a world where things change overnight it is very vital to stay on the move. Catch up with what’s new because your target audience is. The market is saturated as it is already, clinging on old marketing methods does not do the business any favor.

Example: Using influencer marketing has become a very popular means of marketing as opposed to the tradition billboards etc. Influencers  get a wide reach of potential customers  for your products and services. People purchase goods that they see their favourite influencer recommend – capitalize on that.

2. You are not listening to your customers wants and needs.

A good product is created around a need that your audience has, a problem that they want a solution to. As a business work around providing a solution.

3.You are not clear on exactly want you are offering.

Articulate your purpose and value addition clearly to your target audience. Ensure they get what it is that you are selling without having to explain. Use a communication expert to deliver the message in writing on your website and social media accounts.

4. The customer service is wanting.

Can you tell that a customer is contented, happy or dissatisfied after an interaction with your business? Customer experience can not and should not be underestimated. Referrals come from content, happy and satisfied customers.

5. Consistency!

Introduce a program that you will be able to keep up with. Do not overwhelm or underwhelm your customers with too many changes over a short period of time. In the case of too many changes, let them be based on improvement and customer feedback.

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