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The Beauty Of Running Your Own Business

Most people fancy starting a business. For many, it offers freedom to express oneself, others are trying to monetize their hobbies, and others are just tired of sitting on a desk repeating the redundancies of a passionless job.

Whatever your motivation is, the vision of any entrepreneur is to see their business take off and flourish. However, many novel entrepreneurs are unaware of the challenges involved with running a business. Many only know of these challenges in concept and when hit by the challenges, they think of quitting and giving up on their businesses.

When your business goes through a rough patch, you could use some positivity. Thus, here are a few reasons why you should not give up on your business.

  1. Your business gives you more control

One of the major reasons people start their own businesses is to have more control. With your own business, you can set when to work, when to rest, and so on. This kind of operational control can greatly aid you in growing your business. When you work on your own terms, you’re likely to be more energetic and enthused.

While everyone yearns for a little more control, it is integral to lay down a schedule you can follow.


  1. You decide your take of the pie

The number one reason behind people starting their business is money related. To most, living from one salary to another is daunting. While a salary is almost always guaranteed at the end of the month, many people are looking to get money when they need it; be it an emergency or a desired want.

With your own business, you have more say to when you get the money, and how much you take at a given time.

Although you have more control to access the money, you should try and be professional. This means keeping records of all transactions, withdrawals, and so on. Having a plan for your money will keep your company from bleeding out.


  1. You have the liberty to customize products and services

When working in most formal jobs, you have little to no say as to what products and services the company deals in. Mostly, you have to fit into what the company does, and the products they have.

When you’re running your own business, you have a leeway to changing and customizing products and services. The beauty with customization is you can suit your products to fit your consumers.

While you have more liberty as to how you would like your products and services to be packaged, you should try and maintain what works with your clients.

There’s a certain joy to running your own business. There are challenges along the way too. To run a successful business, you have to enjoy the small wins and keep your head held high in times of hardship.

All the best!

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Sarah Karingi, the Queen of Business Networking, is an expert in Business Networking, and an award-winning topmost BNI networker in East Africa.