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Thorns & Roses of Entrepreneurship

You have recently left employment to finally venture into full time business. You are so excited about the move. You are thinking and feeling freedom! Freedom at last. I can now do whatever, go wherever, meet whomever. I mean, I am my own boss. You are without doubt that your business idea is worth a million dollars, you are already day dreaming and imagining the fortunes just around the corner. Sooner than later you will be a millionaire. You remember this quote by a successful entrepreneur – the rich people of this world are not employed, they run their own businesses!

“Oh yes, Amen to that! I’m on the right path!” You reaffirm.

Quickly, you proceed to register your company. You do all that KRA stuff. You don’t want them hunting your back after building that million dollar empire.

Expectation is at fever pitch. You cannot wait to get out there and start selling – of course you believe that yours will sell like hot Samosas! In fact you wonder why your friend Susan who has been in business for the last three years has nothing to write home about. You conclude that she (Susan) is just lazy. “I will show Susan how business is done”

So you phone her, with excitement, you take her through your life changing idea. You tell her that soon she will be watching you on the Rich and Famous TV show. You advise her to stick close, closer than before, because you won’t leave her behind as you walk the corridors of riches. Wow!

But before you disconnect, Susan reminds you that she is in business, and has been for the last three years. She attempts to offer advice, but you are quick to hang up.

So eventually you launch, seeing that it’s a one woman show, you decide to operate in a makeshift home office. You list down a couple of random companies and their phone numbers.

You call company A, you are rerouted to the director of marketing. 45 seconds into the conversation he interjects with “I really don’t understand what you are trying to sell, but I wish you all the best”. He hangs up on you! Since you have a bit of resilience, you call Company B, they are disinterested with you offer. Company D tells you they already have a service provider on contract. “Try next year” they say dismissively. 10 companies later and the only positive thing you got is “All the best.”

You continue cold calling and sending emails left right and center. You attend a dozen events, months down the line and no sale! Your savings are diminishing. Rent, electricity, and water bills do not understand that you are working on a big idea that will eventually generate millions, no; they just want to be taken care of. You are scared.

“Did I make the wrong move?” You begin second guessing your move from employment.

…To Be Continued

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Sarah Karingi, the Queen of Business Networking, is an expert in Business Networking, and an award-winning topmost BNI networker in East Africa.