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Who is an Entrepreneur?

Seasoned entrepreneurs, the world over, are considered special and unique beings. Of course it’s all because if their outstanding achievements in their respective fields of business. In fact, some are idolized – almost revered. The society has placed them high up the pedestal. We call them geniuses for their out-of-the-box-thinking and innovative minds. We aspire to be them. We strive to be half the people they are.

You will agree with me that in the last decade, there has been a strange ‘entrepreneurship wave’ sweeping all over the place and it’s pushing every Tom, Dick and Jane to jump on board entrepreneurship express bandwagon. A major motivation, unfortunately, is the misguided notion that when one becomes an entrepreneur they will sooner than later assume the status of Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, and the Jack Ma’s of this world. Not so fast.

Let me share with us my definition of an entrepreneur based on what I’ve learnt so far. What does it really take to be one? I invite you to subscribe to my school of reasoning, at least for a moment.

E – Envisager. An entrepreneur contemplates and looks into future possibilities. Envisioning the future empowers him to get creative and innovative. They begin to action their ideas and build for the future. Case in point is Steve Jobs. He entertained the possibility that one day people will need ‘light weight’ computers to move around with. Hence the MacBooks and the iPad.

N – Networkers. An entrepreneur understands that in order to grow themselves and their business, they need to connect to the right networks. Robert Kiyosaki told us,
“The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work”. And we all know Kiyosaki, right? How much is he worth again? Google 😊

T – Tolerant. Tough times and days of drought in entrepreneurship must come, it’s not a matter of IF they’ll come, it’s about WHEN. But an entrepreneur is a hardy breed, yes they will be knocked down, but never out. Somehow someway they will bounce back. It’s the ability to endure tough seasons but still remain in the game.

R – Risk Takers. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks. They know that unless they take a risk, they’ll remain stagnant. Stuck right at their comfort zone. So they’ll venture into a new line of business, expand to new markets, invest in new ideas, etc. They are thrilled by risk!

E – Enduring. Entrepreneurs are built to withstand storms. It comes with the territory. But hey, it doesn’t just happen from nowhere, the ability is as a result of continued exposure to harsh experiences but overcoming them. Sooner or later, they grow a tough skin. And tough skin is good for business!

P – Profit Oriented. No one starts a venture to fail. We all shoot for success. Besides monetary profiting, an entrepreneur can mentor a young and upcoming entrepreneur to learn the necessary ropes along the way. But ultimately there’s value derived at the end of the day.

R – Resourceful. I say entrepreneurs should always have their knowledge database up to date. What’s new, what’s trending? Of what impact can it be to my business? For you to be resourceful, you must have an inflow of valuable information coming your way whether from reading books, listening to podcast or watching videos that add value to you as an entrepreneur.

E – Enterprising. Always on the look out for new ideas and opportunities that can be transformed to profitable businesses. Entrepreneurs are equally hardworking, when they focus on something, they put their back to it, working tirelessly until fruition.

N – Novel. Entrepreneurs don’t play ‘monkey see, monkey do’. They don’t start an Mpesa shop because everyone else is. They remain unconventional and original. But they also do not reinvent the wheel, they’ll bring a freshness of ideas to make the wheel better – an improved and refined version.

E -Enthusiastic. Someone once said that success is going from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm. Such should be the life of an entrepreneur. You see, enthusiasm fuels an entrepreneur’s dream, it keeps them going and tackling the difficult terrain. Lose everything, but not enthusiasm!

U -Unstoppable. Entrepreneurs must be propelled by a powerful inner driving force that no limitations can stand on their way. The excitement of achieving their goals needs to shatter any boundaries meant to either slow them or bring their strong resolve to a halt.

R – Reliable. Entrepreneurs should be people you can trust that they’ll deliver. Their word is their bond, and you can take that same word to the bank and cash it.

S – Self Confident. Self awareness and discovering ones core identity is such an integral part of an entrepreneur’s journey. For them to build and create for others, more often than not, they’d have reached a level of understanding of who they are and what value they bring to the table. And right there is the source of self confidence!

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Sarah Karingi, the Queen of Business Networking, is an expert in Business Networking, and an award-winning topmost BNI networker in East Africa.