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The Interesting, The Funny, and The Unfortunate

Most of you know by now that I’m the Queen of Networking; a passionate and avid networker. I like to say that I live, eat, and sleep networking. It is my favorite cup of tea – easy and done effortlessly. I’m in my fun zone when at it! I get a deep sense of fulfillment when I connect person A to B and both obtain value from the connection. I do all these because I’m a staunch believer of networking as a game changer when it comes to conducting business. It’s purely about relationship building, and this is how it works – I’ll do business with you because I know you, I like you, and I can trust you! And trust is further reinforced because I’ve been referred to you by someone that I also trust.

But that’s not what I’ll to write about today.

I want to share what I’ve learnt about how differently people network in events. How they initiate contact, their approach to building a relationship, and their expectations.

To achieve that, I’ll profile these personalities in the below categories:

[Names used are just for illustration purposes. Not real people]

1. Mark the Marketer – Mark is the kind of person who shoves his product right in your face. He didn’t come to socialize and meet people, No. He came to sell. That’s why in the entire conversation he’ll try to make you buy, sign up or subscribe. If Mark is unsuccessful in selling you his product, he will drop you like hot coal and move to the next prospect.

2. Winnie the whiner – Winnie complains about anything and everything. From how boring the speaker was, to how badly shaped the samosas are. No positive comment seem to come out of her mouth. She will tell you her business is doing so bad because of the government (serekali saidia), and how her competitors are plotting to kill her. Nothing but negative vibe.

3. Pity Peter – Peter seemed to have attended the event just to solicit pity. He will approach you with a sad face and tell you that his wife left him last month and that he slept hungry the previous night. Of course being the human being that you are, you’ll empathize and even offer to help. And since you’ve been looking for driver, you offer to hire him. Only for Peter to come up with an excuse like “I can’t drive because my finger hurt when I hold the steering wheel” That’s when you realize he is interested in handouts or an easy way out.

4. Clingy Calvin – Calvin perfectly describes the phrase ‘stick like glue.’ You met, introduced yourselves and things went on smoothly for at least the first thirty minutes. One hour later, Calvin is still stuck with you. He still tries to make conversation yet there’s nothing to talk about anymore. Just awkwardness. You move, he moves. You sit, he sits next to you. Oh my, you can’t seem to loose Calvin!

5.  Connector Connie – Connie is the best thing that ever happened to you in a networking forum. She approaches you in a warm and friendly way. Shakes you hand and unleashes a big smile. You’ve never met her but you already feel a connection. She is kind and seems genuinely interested in you, she is also a very good listener. With her sense of humor, it’s hard not to enjoy talking to her. At the end of the day you exchange contacts. And next morning in your email inbox is a “Hey ?, it was nice meeting you” from Connie. Right there you know something good is going to come out of this!

What other interesting personalities do you know? Please feel free to share at the comment section.

About Sarah Karingi

Sarah Karingi, the Queen of Business Networking, is an expert in Business Networking, and an award-winning topmost BNI networker in East Africa.

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  1. Wow this is an amazing article. I can see some of the guys I have met at networking events and now see where to place them.

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