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2018 – Do It Different [Part 2]

In our last post we emphasized on the importance of having a plan. And the importance of goal setting whilst upholding the SMART principle.

But before we go any further, I want to revisit the point; Why write a plan? We will borrow from Sid Savara – a personal development coach.

Well, writing down your plan:

  1. You gain clarity – Of course you have a million ideas floating in your mind. In order to narrow it all down to a concrete vision, you must download those many ideas and thoughts in a piece of paper. Write it down. A clear path will be unveiled hence clarity of vision and purpose.
  2. Will help define your Why – Why are you doing what you’re doing? Understanding your Why is sufficient fuel to take you through your bad days. Your Why will give you hope to push some more. It’ll remind you that your existence matters.
  3. Will show a clear course of action – What’s gets written down gets done. Having defined goals on paper becomes easier to work out an execution strategy achieved through action.

Let’s now get to the meat of the matter. Your plan should contain the following sections:

  1. Purpose  – And by purpose I mean your purpose. Why are you here? What’s the reason for your existence? What’s your contribution to this life? Write that down.
  2. Dreams and ambitions – Everyone has these. What’s that thing(s) that keeps you awake at night. That which motivates and inspires you to action? Write that down.
  3. Core beliefs and values – what do you stand for. What are those things that shape and define you character? Things that you can never compromise on by doing the opposite whatever the price? Write that down.
  4. Goals – Sid says, “take your dreams and break them down into goals that span years, months, and finally days and weeks – so you know what to do every day, and also the general direction you’re heading.” Write that down.
  5. Success and Milestones – This is where you review progress. Measuring success as you go by – celebrating achievement and working on areas needing improvement.

2018 – Do It Different [Part 3] coming up shortly. Stay with me.


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